J.B. Mack  
  America's 1st Macaroni and Cheese Restaurant.

Well, sadly, it is official. Our Cleveland location will be closing on Friday May 13th, 2016. We graciously thank all of our customer, friends, and family who supported us.

J.B. Mack

Taste the Comfort
be Creative
On the Go
Taste the Comfort

Remember the good 'ole days of eating grilled cheese, tomato soup, & delicious mac & cheese? We do! JB MACK adds a pinch of nostalgia & a dash of comfort to every meal. More about JB MACK.

Edible Bowls

Our Macaroni & Cheese can be served in a delicious bread bowl. How cool is that!?! The mac is great, but eating the cheesy bread bowl is definitely the best part.

Be Creative

Build a bowl of mac...
Step 1: Pick your fillings.
Step 2: Pick a cheese sauce.
Step 3: Have fun!!
Check out our menu.

 NEW GRILLED WRAPS Take a tour of JB MACK Cleveland is Closing!  
NEW Grilled Wraps     Cleveland is Closing
NEW Grilled Wraps

Lunch never tasted this good! Our new grilled wraps are here!! We even have a mac & cheese wrap. It's simply delicious! Check them out here.
Videos and Pictures

Ever wonder what a mac and cheese restaurant looks like? Well check out cool videos and pictures of a JB MACK. Click here for a tour.
Cleveland is Closing!

Well, sadly, it is official. Friday May 13th will be the final day for JB Mack (in Cleveland!). We had a nice run.More about the location.

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